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Sunday Highmaul, February 1st, 6:30 PM MST

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You know how this works!

Saturday Highmaul, January 31st, 6:30 PM MST

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Let's shake off last week and head on in to whup some ogres 'n friends!

Time to Process

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Pin’s concerns about the Commander getting enough sleep were quite hypocritical, in retrospect.


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            The wagon rolled steadily through the mud of Shadowmoon Valley.

Sunday Highmaul, January 25th, 6:30 PM MST

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Be really cool if we can see the sixth boss, Ko'ragh!

Saturday Highmaul, January 24th, 6:30 PM MST

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Four dead bosses in one night is the goal! Update: Roster Posted!

The Bitter Cold

The cold of Frostfire Ridge pulled at the Elder Druid a

[Quincy] Quincy's Dastardly Plan

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Quincy hated Draenor.

Furthermore, he hated Sir Sour-Face’s garrison which (unsurprisingly enough) was chock-filled with stupid people who seemed to worship the ground Sir Sour-Face walked on. “The Commander said” this and “the Commander wants” that

Quincy couldn’t stand it. Well, more specifically, he couldn’t stand a very particular fact about his new life in this Sir Sour-Face-loving garrison.

Programming for war

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Nirahsa frowned to herself as she made several more adjustments to the core. The draenei hunched over ontop of the massive machine she and her team had been constructing for the last couple of months. Mechanically it was finished but programming wise it still had issues.

The workshop in the garrison was rather quiet as most of the work was done for the day other than a few people here and there since even at night things didn’t stop they just slowed down.

HIghmaul Night 2, Sunday January 18th, 6:30 PM MST - KITTENS

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Mountains rise, Tectus will fall!


Highmaul raid, Saturday January 17th; 6:30 PM MST

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We got four of seven last week, can we improve this week?


[Rhianon] Encounter

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The voices of Auchindoun were so silent. It was a funny thing to say, Rhianon thought, when the place itself was awash with fighting and terror - but it was the truth. She had walked the perimeter of Auchindoun each morning since settling on this Draenor, hoping to touch whatever lay within its depths - ancient spirits, the wisdom of her people, memories. Yet, each morning she had been denied. The spirits were in hiding and the place was quiet.

Gut Feeling

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Something felt wrong.


[Saphra] Crash

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It had been easy to slip out of the makeshift infirmary despite the ever-watchful eyes of the healers. She had a talent for escape, that much she had learned from her slowly returning memories. The oldest ones, the ones that ought to have been the most shadowed, were starting to reform in her mind now like splotches of clouds coming together before a storm. She could remember now -- remember! -- many similar flights out into the wilds despite her brother’s commands. She could see him too: proud and tall, eyes that rarely flashed with emotion. He scolded her for being too open with her feelings and being too forward with others. He punished her for running away from their settlements even though she always tried to explain herself. Yet she remembered loving him. The words ran through her mind - I love him even though he doesn’t understand me.

One day he will.