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Organization of the Shrouded Dawn

The current Grand Master of the Shrouded Dawn is Commander Braghaman Larethian.  The Shrouded Dawn is divided into three groups.


Guardians - These members are tasked with the protection of Duskwood and the surrounding areas.  They will travel as needed for other missions. This was the original task of the Shrouds. They would protect Darkshire from the wilderness surrounding it as well as wayward enemies seeking to cause trouble in the shire. 


History of the Shrouded Dawn

The Shrouded Dawn began in Duskwood through the work of Noctifer Eva.  His mother owned one of the taverns in Darkshire.  Noctifer created the Dawn in an effort to help protect his home.  Members of the guild would watch the roads and protect civilians from the beasts and monsters that roamed the area.


When the Dark Portal opened to Outlands, the purpose of the Dawn changed.  No longer did it only focus on the immediate threats to Duskwood, but now they would attempt to protect against larger threats, not just the Duskwood but all of Azeroth.


In the meantime.........

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I know everyone is chomping at the bit for Overwatch and then Legion (I include myself in that group!), but I've recently become somewhat addicted to open world survival/life sims with heavy crafting components.

I've been playing Life is Feudal --

and just started playing ARK -

(and H1Z1 Survival but that's for my Walking Dead itch. And being ganked itch.)


[Anwyna] Dawn of a New Day

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It was the fear of failure that had kept Anwyna from fully pursuing the line of research that would lead to undoing the damage inflicted upon her spine. She had feared that all the work that would need to be put into, only to have it fail, would crush her spirit irreparably. Instead, she focused on her depression as a crutch to turn focus away from that research, preferring to dwell in the safe misery that she had come to know.