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Updated; What's up with Raiding?

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Hi there folks! It's been a few weeks since WoD hit, and the raids have begun opening, so I suppose it's time to figure out what it is we're doing!


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Jormund intended to apologize to Rhiswyn for what he said but preparations needed to be made first… This is why he was riding through Nagrand at full speed straight to the Easwind Gulch, there was

Old Soldiers and Second Chances

It was almost evening when Harrigan arrived at Shattrath. He started from Auchindoun that morning, figuring the cross-country ride would be good for the elekk that rumbled steadily beneath him. He let Scrap have his head for the most part, which sadly led to exploring every new plant, stream, and defile they passed near. His back regretted his decision and the rest of him was ready to agree.

Me, Myself and Nirahsa

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Nirahsa leaned over as she worked on the circuitry inside a rather large armored joint. Gyrospanner clanking while she worked a dull thud being heard at times when her small horns thudded in the confined space.

“That’s an interesting part, yes yes, is it a leg or arm or maybe a big claw, yes yes?” A rather inquisitive voice came from behind Nira, causing her to jolt in surprise and panic. Slamming her head against a steel rod and biting her lip to muffle her outcry. She remained still for several moments but didn’t pull her head out of the inside of the mechanism.

Reason and Instinct

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Jormund asked Anwyna, a blood elf, to give him a clean bill of health so Alynore could be assured that his arm won`t fall off in the middle of an operation.

Weapons Test

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Nira groaned as she pulled the wrench back, tightening the nut securing the device to the framework. Armored plates obscured most of the internals that made up the jointed device. She set the large wrench aside while drawing in a breath a light sheen of sweat covering her body. A goggled gnome dragged several cables over hooking them into place even as the Dwarf Delnar made a few adjustments to a thick plate of true iron that was secured onto a separate scaffold.

Abandoned [T-still]

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I promise I'll be back in time, Anny. Don't worry!

Hunting Hunteres Hunted

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Spilled Coffee

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Her fingers wouldn’t curl around the handle of the mug. Her hand jerked as she tried to compensate, and the cup tipped over. The smaller, lighter troop models swept across the representation of Nagrand in a tide of coffee.

Application for membership

The Silver Dragoons Application


Personal Drogar stuff

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Family stuff below the break. 

Family From Another Time [AU Ivi]

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(( Henii bumped into AU Ivi finally.))

Something Big

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Nirahsa’s tail gave a happy swish as she rolled the newly finished schematic up. She shoved the roll of paper into her satchel before springing to her hooves and heading out of her room. One part of her mind knew that this could wait until morning, but the other part was eager to get things underway.  Especially since she now had a team to help build things!

The Overlook

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Just when I thought Draenor had no other changes. Freaking Botani.

The mages' enraged, pained screams will stick in my head awhile.

I wanted to.

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There was a noise, a new noise.  Cracking as I watched the ogres head turn slightly.  His large body slumpped and fell, lifeless to the floor.