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The Overlook

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Just when I thought Draenor had no other changes. Freaking Botani.

The mages' enraged, pained screams will stick in my head awhile.

I wanted to.

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There was a noise, a new noise.  Cracking as I watched the ogres head turn slightly.  His large body slumpped and fell, lifeless to the floor.

Pawprints and echos

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Tyrion Falstaad

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General Info
Name: Tyrion
Age: 24
Gender: Male


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Duvaan returned to his home with a defeated expression on his face. What a cruel joke fate played on him, sending these outsiders from another world here.


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((Ended up as a follow-up to "Tongue Tied" given timing...Takes place pre-Portal rushing))

Nore watched as Daevra finished the engravings on a pair of truegold bands. Normally, the commander would have asked Harrigan—but his injuries were going to keep him from such detail work for some time, and the push through the Portal was coming any day now.

Beginnings, Ill-Omens, and Boats *Final*

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When the Iron Horde had first made landfall, Shenrel and other druids had been sent to the frontlines immediately.

Only For Now [Ivi]

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Ivinara was already in her armor as she discarded the dirty diaper and changed Duvaan into a fresh one. "I'm gonna miss you, but we'll be back soon." She leaned forward, placing her lips on the little boy's stomach to blow a raspberry.

Leaving Home For Home

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Nirahsa looked around her workshop, it was still mostly bare from when her other side had taken over and made off with whatever had been useful. Since then Nira had started to replace what had been lost due to that incident, now she was stripping things again. She set her pack on a table as she packed various supplies. While Telredor Prime, Stitchy, and Jex watched her with curious gazes from their photoreceptors.

Beginnings, Ill-Omens, and Boats *Part II*

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“…and less than half the crew survived.”

Beginnings, Ill-Omens, and Boats *Part I*

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“What do you mean it’s not here?”

That Other Mainstream Fantasy Tabletop RPG

I suppose this is the best place for this topic.


Bel and Ro

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((Using Mod Magic to throw this super-cute image beneath a cut for the sake of others' load times! ~Lirriel))

Shopping [Ivi]

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Suicide mission? Just sounds like a bunch of pessimistic talk to me. Maybe if you're not prepared, but I'm me. I was on Argus, dammit. I fled the Legion for thousands of years. I raised my family in Light-damned Tanaan Jungle. I'm going to live, no question about it, and so is Henii.

[Areelan] Holding the Line

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((Mostly just felt like writing a short little blog of Areelan laying down the Death Knight hurt on Iron Horde. Since she'd definitely see defending the land and potentially going on a suicide mission imperative for her.))

The runed bloodstained axe split the ground as it was dragged through it. The pale elf holding it didn’t seem slowed by the extra effort it took to move the axe in this manner as she stepped forward. Her head tilted one glowing blue eye looking at the brown orcs charging her position. The lanky geist flanking her had a jittery stance.