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((Cross-posted figured I would put it here to since not everyone is elsewhere. just some random nonsense to explain some changes to avri and have some fun/practice writing.))

Dumb Luck [T-Still]

Seler's picture

She was supposed to be out getting a real meal and some relaxation, but she had seen him! It had to be him, right?

Saturday Blackrock Foundry FREEDOM ASSAULT, 6:30 PM MDT, July 4th

Drogar's picture

Let's liberate the heck out of the Foundry and get delicious tier!

Sunday Blackrock Foundry, 6:30 PM MDT, July 5th

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Blackhand drops some seriously cool stuff guys, it's super neat.

[Anwyna] Awake

Henii's picture

The doctor had come once they heard her awake and crying into Daiyu’s shirt.

Mind Walk

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Rhiswyn watched Anwyna's too-still form laying in the hospital bed. The IV silently dripped beside her, while a clunky machine tracking the elf's heartbeat beeped steadily across the bed. Eventually, she placed her hand on the elf's forehead, closed her eyes, and fell into Anwyna's memories of the attack.

A Good Heart

Nirahsa's picture

Nirahsa’s hooves clopped lightly against the floor of the exodar as the shaman made her way down to the lower levels. Her fingers entwining with one another as she fidgets rather nervously. The path down was rather deserted, as Nira had chosen the later hours in order to reduce the chances of others being in the chamber.

[Dolraan] Recovery

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The first day was devoted to rest. Dolraan and Rhia, hidden deep beneath the covers in one another's arms, each of them convincing themselves that yes, this was real.

Saturday Blackrock Foundry, 6:30 PM MDT, June 27th

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Blackrock forces are demoralized by their inability to kill any of us (technically), and are now 20% weaker! Let's go wreck up the place! Special thanks to Ivi for holding on to our established, tier 1 clear lockout!

UPDATE: Roster posted!

Sunday Blackrock Foundry, 6:30 pm MDT, June 28th

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Kick them while they're down!

Father's Day Writing

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((I wrote three things yesterday for Father's Day. So they're all going up in one big post here :) ))

“You remind me of someone I used to know...”

Jormund's picture

Jormund walked out of the building, Anwyna was still unconscious. Stabbed in the back in the middle of the night, right after leaving the Dragoon’s anniversary party quite drunk.

Bad News Bear [T-Still]

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Was it a letter or through the comm? Maybe they'd actually sent someone to tell her in person? Her mind was fuzzy right now.

[Anwyna] After Party

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Anwyna breathed a sigh of relief as the cool evening breeze

Sunday "Never having to do tier one blackrock bosses again" raid, 6:30 PM MDT June 21st

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We're going to blackrock, we're bringing an alt that doesn't raid otherwise, and we're killing the tier one bosses (Gruul, Hans/Frans, Darmac) so we never have to fight them again!