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Saturday Siege Flex Part 4, August 2nd, 6:30 PM MDT

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The Warsong Warchief

Sits upon his throne of skulls

Give us our heirlooms!

Call of the Elements, Part One

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Nirahsa was not happy, no she was not happy at all at the moment. The draenic shaman paced back and forth along the wooden pandaren dock.  She was wearing her normal armor, adorned with many mechanical gadget that aided her in different ways. A soft crackle could be heard behind her, coming from a device strapped to her back but in front of her shield which was secured there as well.

Camping in Elwynn, Part 4

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Dolraan was seventeen feet up a fifty foot cliff, strategizing his next move as he carefully pounded a piton into the cliffside. The shadow of one of the various clouds passed over him, and the slight breeze carried the scent of the forest below to him, as he checked around for a good path to continue his ascent. As he did, another, more persistant shadow fell across his face.

"Unca Dolly, why's you takin' so long?"

A First Time for Everything [Ivi]

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Ivinara's eyes suddenly flew open as she jerked up in the large recliner and let out a frightened gasp.

Timothus of the Shattered Sun

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Name: Timothus

Age: 20,000 (in human years)


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I am writing this simply to apologize and to simply ask your forgiveness.


Saturday Siege Flex Part 4, July 26th, 6:30 PM MDT

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Quick question: Who hasn't gotten at least one heirloom?

Update: Roster posted, more heals needed, otherwise I'm going to have to dust off Dolraan's holy set and that will be "interesting".

Last Thoughts

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They had always told her that life flashed before your eyes when you died, it was certainly the case.

Sunday Siege Flex Farming, Dark Shaman and onward, 6:30 PM MDT, July 20th

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Forge ahead! Hoping for a bit better geared alts, as Nazgrim is only one boss away.

Saturday Siege Flex Farm, part one and on! July 19, 6:30 PM MDT

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Alts are welcome! Ilvl 496 with a 476 weapon or better please!

Business Meeting

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A careful brush of his hands was all Czene required to ensure that everything was in order.

Julong : a short story?

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((This is my first time writing like ANYTHING in 4 or so years. so please excuse my writing if its poor, input/critique/etc welcome.))


Sunday Siege Flex Farming, part 1, 6:30 PM MDT, July 13th

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Farm that part 1!

Dragoon Contract : The Purge of Stratholme

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To the Commander of the Dragoons,

Nirahsa Shock Part Two

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I stared back at the other me for a moment dumbfounded, and she just waited patiently for me to find my voice again, I swallowed hard looking back at her smiling face. Trying to make sense of it all especially with how this didn’t feel like a dream at all.

“T-talk? Why? Who are you?” I stammered out before drawing in a breath.