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War Crimes Summary

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Drogar asked me for a summary of War Crimes for those who haven't read. You're all doomed, cuz it's me. SPOILERS of course, BUT this does put a cap on the lessons learned in Pandaria, AND leads into Warlords. If your character is there, here's how it goes down over ten very tense days...


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Henii sat at her desk, a crystalline light floating above it bathing the fine, lacquered wood in a soft glow. She dipped a quill in an ink pot and gave it a light tap on the glass lip. With a deep breath, she stilled her hand, then put the quill to her journal.


Disconnect [Ivi]

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((Well, since it's technically past midnight where I am, going to go ahead and post this!))

The Butterpants Family

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I posted this on Tumblr, so I figured I'd repost here. Fink's family! (Tumblr didn't include siblings...


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Arkav took the week off work. He doubted many would care or notice, which was exactly what he wanted at this particular time of year. He’d spent weeks dreading Brewfest.

Julica: Precision

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(I'll be posting this early and editing it in chunks as I go forward - I'm not sure I'll actually be able to get it done otherwise at this point.


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She had made an excuse to go sleep downstairs, fortunately Drogar was too tired to register it, or he might have done something drastic like setting the Drobot to watch her.

Dice Roller

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So just because, I decided to see if the dice roller was as bad as some feel, or if it's just perception bias (recalling the worse results over favorable).

Comfortable [Mijiu]

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(( Now that things in Pandaria have calmed down I can finally play her more without her having to abandon her post!))

No Time to Relax [Elmire]

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(( Going to try writing a thing about how Garrosh or the war has affected most of my characters, ranging from silly to serious. I guess it technically started with the Selyla blog. This is Ellie's part.))

Saturday Siege Flex Part 3, then part 1; 6:30 PM MDT

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Similar set up to last week!


Dolraan, Protection Paladin

Thinking Back [Selyla]

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Zhidao. It means ‘spirit guide’ in Pandaren. The little elemental came to me when I needed him most. 

[Modren] Bad Luck

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Modren had followed the priest, but something had caused him to pause after the man exited the Stockade, not noticing the stocky figure sitting at the open air meat vendor on the other side of the square, enjoying a sausage.

A Conversation With Myself

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“Vasily is a friend, he is always nice, yes yes.” Nira remarked with a frown as she sat on her bed. The Shaman in the room she’d been given while staying at the Exodar.

‘He’s annoyingly nice.’


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            She always felt awkward in full dresses.  Not uncomfortable.  They suited her well enough, and were tailored to a smooth fit, easy to wear and move in.  Just awkward, like they weren’t what she should be doing.  She was a fighter, after all.  Burnt and scarred, not pampered and pretty.  It felt like… wearing the wrong uniform.

            But it was the uniform for the job.  Straighten.  Take a deep breath.  Knock.