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Saturday Blackrock Foundry, 6:30 PM MDT, May 30th

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Thogar time! I've gotten some advice about heroism timing that may help us avoid that final car full of buttheads entirely.

Sunday Blackrock Foundry, 6:30 PM MDT, May 31st

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Killin' some farmy bosses

The Argent Infiltrator Chatlog

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((Long post, still mostly in chatlog format with some alterations for readability. Unstable gnomes, speechy Nore, Quincy, and some minor language warnings.))

Lasses Love Robots

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   Janosis’ quill skitched across the paper as he made another shorthand note.  Even with what he already knew of binding and what he’d learned by poking at the locket, there was so much to learn about Shedwyn’s phylactery before he could safely detach it from himself and bind her ghost to a golem.  Not to mention he’d never actually made a golem of substantial size before.  Mostly he ran away from them.

[Gilberte] On the Homefront

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Gilly’s eyes flew open. Had she been asleep? She looked around; she was stretched out on their bed, several pillows propped up behind her head and a comforter casually draped over her body. Gilly shook her head as if to shake her thoughts loose. She didn’t remember falling asleep…


Fink's Next Move

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He wiped the oil from his hands as approached his desk. He let out a long sigh as he climbed into his chair and took up his pen.

The Break

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“Does this look like a monster to you, NIrahsa?”

Nira blinked standing in the golden Talador forests with the untouched village of Aruuna nestled nearby. Draenei went about their daily lives, smiling to each other even as a young draenei girl ran around a small clearing. Hand held up high holding a small mechanical looking flying machine.  It was Shari, running playing, having fun.


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Lai-Ning wasn’t a huge fan soaking in baths.

Argents and Apples

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Alynore rode into Fort Fordring, Tenacity’s wings of Light flaring as they came through the gate. Kunz had the whole company turned out and in formation to wait for her. Everyone stood at attention, gear and Argent Crusade tabards clean, but the expressions on many faces were apprehensive, if not hostile.

She would have much rather avoided any pomp and ceremony, but this did present opportunities. She pushed her goggles just up to her hairline, as if to hold back her fiery hair—but she flicked the “record” switch, the lenses tilting and whirring and the audio crackling faintly as it kicked on.

Thanatos' Gambit: The Dream

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He dreamed...

[Rhianon] Drifting

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For awhile, she felt like she was drifting. The sleeping draught the garrison alchemist mixed up muddled her mind at first and finally sent her flying into a misty expanse of stars and sky. A dream, maybe.

Or maybe a nightmare.

Saturday Blackrock, 6:30 PM MDT May 23rd

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Tonight's targets will include Hans + Frans, Flamebender, and Darmac. Gruul if we're fast.


Sunday Blackrock, 6:30 PM MDT, May 24th

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Tonight will be focused on Operator Thogar, so I'd like everyone to mosey on over to curse (or you addon site of choice) and grab Thogar Helper, which is a wonderful addon for keeping track of the

In My Head

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Nira groaned as she pushed herself up off the ground, impulsively rubbing her forehead with one hand as if to stave off an absent pain. Red dust swirled around her as the wind howled. She blinked glancing around to see an infinite horizon of red dust covering a landscape dotted by the green of orc corpses strewn about.

This is it

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She felt the pounding in her head before she opened her eyes, wincing and groaning as the bright light filled her vision. She looked away, her heart sinking as she took in her surroundings.