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Dar's Thursday Siege pre-clear, October 23rd, 7 PM MDT

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Posting this for Dar!

Weekend Siege of Orgrimmar, October 25/26th, 6:30 PM MDT

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Gonna smash and grab to get loot and heirlooms! We'll hopefully be able to use Ivi's trick to get many of them indeed.

Nowhere is Safe

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She stumbled into the cave leaving a small trail of blue blood behind her as the tinkerer gripped her right arm. She glanced back before clenching a fist while forcing the elements to respond, the earth shuddering as the entrance was swallowed up in rocks with only a few places for the light to peek through. Moving over to a rock the shaman slumped down on it before again trying to heal the wounds she’d suffered, but finding that no matter how she shouted she just couldn’t control the slippery water element finely enough to do anything at all about her injuries.

Monsters in my head

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"The color shouldn't matter.  Orcs are ORCS" 


The Process

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Inner/Outer World

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Nirahsa frowned a moment as she looked off at the horizon, a small wisp of smoke rising where Lakeshire would be.  Her tendrils shifted erratically belying the draenei’s nervousness. News had come of an Orc raiding party in the Redridge Mountains and Dacianna had gone to investigate. She didn’t know why she worried, a small band of Orcs wasn’t going to stop Daci.

[Drogar] Passing the Torch

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The large hall, dug out from stone and reinforced with steel, looked very different from its normal status as a construction bay. Machinery replaced by granite benches, and industrial lighting replaced by great braziers and glorious banners hanging on the wall, and a great orange carpet forming a walkway leading to an old, scorched altar.

Horde is Horde

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The Swamp of Sorrows was eerily quiet, which was putting the Horde convoy on edge as their wagon moved along the road having left Bog Paddle earlier in the day heading towards Stonard with supplies destined for Vol’jin’s forces that were helping to hold back the Iron Horde.  Not only was the wagon weighted down with equipment but so was the Kodo that pulled it.  Convoy guards flanked both sides of the wagon their gaze scanning the road and the swamp.

In the Mountain [Elmire]

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(( I've been meaning to post this all day, but kept forgetting. This obviously happens right after the Iron Horde start coming. ))


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Asharin. That is what I was to be called now because they insisted on differentiating me from Nirahsa. I didn’t like suggesting the name to begin with, but I had little choice given the terms that Vindicator Dacianna had thrown out.

Camping in Elwynn, Finale

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(Before Garrosh's trial...)

Hiking hadn't gone much better. The route he'd chosen had been too long, and halfway through the kids had gotten grumpy and were flown back to the campsite by Henii. And then Finkswitch had found the mushrooms...

Nature's Wrath [Selyla]

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(( Little blurb about Selyla and Abigale defending their home of Surwich from the Iron Horde. ))

[Coggleonty] In the name of Medicine

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[First blog about my first gnome alt! Yay!]


"This is what happens whenever you try to arm the cannon all by yourself, now stop complaning. It´s not that bad..." 

6.0 Siege of Orgrimmar Normal, Saturday October 18th, 6:30 PM MDT

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Please to be reading the following:


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